Who We Are

/nib/ /kriːˈeɪʃ(ə)n/ noun

The nib is the pointed end part of a pen. It represents the transferring process of concept on paper by distributing ink on the writing surface. It is the inevitable part of a pen, the heart of any great creation.


We are a design studio with passion and dedication.

We love what we do and we always remember why do it. 

We embrace

the preciousness

of hand sketches.

Our team designs with passion and embraces the preciousness of hand sketches. Every single line we draw on paper emphasizes our designers’ thinking process and creative mind. We strive to create a connection between people and space while promoting aesthetics and functionality.

Meet Our

Creative Director

Fiona Bagaman 白洢菻

With a diverse educational and cultural background, Fiona contributes a sharp eye to the selection of colors, furnishing and finishes for each project. With a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Michigan State University, and having been raised in Hong Kong and worked for a well-renowned design firm over 20 years in the USA. Fiona brings a unique perspective to each project. She does not only bridges the cultures but the generation as well.


Fiona's experience of living and working in the United States enables her to bring a broad outlook into every design detail, color and materials selection, documentation, construction and field supervision phases. With fluency in Cantonese, Mandarin and English, Fiona leads design strength, communication, passion and integrity to every project.